dSense for Corporates

The real-time location solution, dSense, with its digital twin attributes is all ready to transform the corporate sector. By creating digital twins of business operations and assets using location data, the solution enables organizations to scale their performance by identifying and rectifying bottlenecks. From minimizing resource wastage to scaling employee productivity and business performance, the […]

Creating Safe and Secure Workspaces for Employees Returning to Offices with dSense


Following the Covid-19 guidelines, many business sectors have promoted working from home for their employees to curb the transmission rate of the novel virus. With the world progressively entering a certain level of normalcy, a number of companies have started to welcome their employees back to the offices. With the vaccination drive scaling high across […]

Calculate the exact time spent by your employees within office space !!

How do you calculate the time spent by your employees within your office space? If it is the traditional logbooks, it is all about what you write. Even if it is the swipe-in systems the time calculation is based on the login and log out times. Don’t we need a system that could be as […]

Real time information of occupancy in office premises !!

Consider a scenario wherein you are given the task to arrange a team meeting with your fellow team members. The task consists of letting others know about the meeting and also to check the availability of meeting rooms within your office space. So how would you know whether the meeting rooms are free or not? […]

A new way to enhance security within your office space!!

‘Security’ is a matter of prime concern in any organization irrespective of it being small or large. How would you ensure optimum security for areas in an office like server rooms which should have restricted access? A new thought or solution that ensures cent percent security is the need of the hour. Keeping this in […]

Here is a new way towards attendance management in your office!!

How does your company record the attendance of employees? There are many ways to do the same. The most traditional form is the logbook system where an employee is supposed to enter their in time and out time. Then we have the swipe in a system where the employees need to swipe in a card […]