Here is a new way towards attendance management in your office!!

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How does your company record the attendance of employees? There are many ways to do the same. The most traditional form is the logbook system where an employee is supposed to enter their in time and out time. Then we have the swipe in a system where the employees need to swipe in a card at the entry door. So the question is, are all these methods completely foolproof? Will the data be accurate without any discrepancies?. Here we have the best attendance management system with BLE cards.

attendance management

Overcoming all the shortcomings of all the traditional methods of tracking attendance, BeaconPlus comes with solutions that are effective and helps in getting accurate data about employee attendance. Say goodbye to the logbooks and the swipe in systems. With BeaconPlus solutions, all that your employees must do is to walk into the office space. There isn’t any overhead of manually swiping in or any such activities. All that your employees would need is a beacon-enabled tag. The data provided will be accurate as everything is automatic. Such a system also helps in precisely calculating the weekly/monthly average time spent by an employee within the office.

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