dSense resources

Want to experience the power of the dSense platform? Manage your RTLS hardware inventory with our Customer Portal, Configure your hardware with Device Manager, Take a test drive of RTLS location analytics using Location Studio, or even better build your first test application with our Web / Mobile Developer SDKs.

Developer SDKs

Develop your own business solutions to provide accurate real-time location analytics that enable enterprises to operate more efficiently and transform into fully-digital entities with tangible cost savings
Software SDK libraries to build web and mobile applications.


Location intelligent solutions are always complex to build since most of the location-based solutions have a dependency on hardware and require big data handling knowledge. Pinmicro’s RTLS platform provides a collection of REST APIs created for developers to integrate RTLS and IoT capabilities into their business applications. Along with these REST APIs, Pinmicro’s RTLS platform extends its development support by providing a Web SDK to make application development easier.

As of now, our RTLS WebSDK is available only in Java. Our SDK also gives developers our Platform’s location monitoring, behavior analysis, object identification, facial recognition and more capabilities to build robust feature-packed solutions.

Mobile SDK

BeaconPlus SDK allows easy integration of low energy location services including Apple iBeacon technology and BLE proximity profiles into your smartphone applications. BeaconPlus SDK supports our beacon and other popular vendors. Our Android SDK can detect iBeacon devices and eddy stone.

  • Any app can offer Beacon based promotion service just integrating BeaconPlus SDK
  • iBeacon Compatible
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile supported

BeaconPlus SDK is designed with powerful APIs that reduce the programming effort from the developer and It also ensures that the battery usage is minimized. We have customizable Geofencing technology to deliver the location information even if the application is not running and We also use Geofencing attribute to enable smart caching of location contents