Calculate the exact time spent by your employees within office space !!

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How do you calculate the time spent by your employees within your office space? If it is the traditional logbooks, it is all about what you write. Even if it is the swipe-in systems the time calculation is based on the login and log out times. Don’t we need a system that could be as accurate as possible?

Our Beacon based solutions have all those features that really stand close to your necessities. It is actually indeed a great idea to calculate the real-time spent by the employees within the office space. Our solutions give you the best ways by which you get to know the real productive time that your employees put in. With such solutions, you would be able to calculate the time that employees spend in their workstations and other areas in the office like refreshment areas, etc. All these features are possible through the beacon-enabled tags that they will be carrying throughout.

It also provides the best means by which you can calculate the average times that each employee spent on the office premises. The average time spent by them in their workstations or other office areas could also be determined in an accurate manner.

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