A new way to enhance security within your office space!!

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‘Security’ is a matter of prime concern in any organization irrespective of it being small or large. How would you ensure optimum security for areas in an office like server rooms which should have restricted access? A new thought or solution that ensures cent percent security is the need of the hour.


Keeping this in mind ‘Pinmicro’ brings in solutions that help you in providing an optimum amount of security in your office space. It is a common sight to see people roaming around areas of restricted access in a particular office. Taking these things into account our solution protects the restricted areas in your office space through efficient methods that disable any kind of unauthorized access to those spaces.

Consider a restricted area in an office. Wouldn’t it be so convenient if the room unlocks by itself for an employee with authorized access who approaches the room? Wouldn’t it be even safer if an alarming function is enabled if a user with unauthorized access is seen in those areas? Our solution exactly delivers a solution functioning with beacon technology for the above-mentioned scenarios. All that your employees need to carry is a beacon-enabled tag and thereby ensuring complete security in restricted areas of your office.

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