Creating Safe and Secure Workspaces for Employees Returning to Offices with dSense

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Following the Covid-19 guidelines, many business sectors have promoted working from home for their employees to curb the transmission rate of the novel virus. With the world progressively entering a certain level of normalcy, a number of companies have started to welcome their employees back to the offices. With the vaccination drive scaling high across the corners of the world, it has now become possible for many of us to get back to our earlier routines. This does not mean that we can let our guard down and have our way but only a small step towards a hopeful recovery.     

The transition from working from home to reporting back to offices may introduce certain concerns for all employees. It is only natural for them to wonder if their respective organizations are strictly adhering to social distancing protocols and other norms to ensure the safety of the returning employees. dSense- an IoT-based real-time location intelligence solution from Pinmicro is an efficient tool to establish Covid protocols including social distancing to create a safe environment for everyone in the workspace. 

Secure Workplaces.  Happy Employees.  Higher Efficiency

In a survey of 680 employers, who have around 7 million staff working for them, almost 75% of them reported bringing modifications to workplace practices and policies effectively.   

With dSense, employers can actively promote a safe work environment and enhance operational efficiency in their organizations. To effectively use this solution, resources in an organization will be tagged with smart ID cards/tags, and smart sensors installed at different locations in the building will detect the BLE/UWB signals from the cards and record real-time location data. Read below and learn more about this innovative solution and its revolutionary features that enhance workplace safety. 

  • Efficient and contact-less attendance– Smart IDs worn by the staff automatically record the attendance as they enter the offices. dSense keeps track of employee attendance, offering you a seamless experience 
  • Flawless access control– Encourage employee safety by outlining safe and restricted areas and get real-time alerts if an employee enters an unauthorized zone
  • Social distancing– UWB smart bands worn by employees gives them instant notifications if they are in close proximity with a co-worker
  • Heatmaps– Facilitate crowd control in the office premises with real-time alerts
  • Hygiene protocols–  Strictly adhere to the safety and hygiene protocols by enabling real-time and effective alerts from dSense
  • Keeping tabs on movement path– dSense allows the organization to record the movement paths of an employee on the premises. This feature is especially helpful to map the contact history of an employee who has gotten sick or has undergone quarantine 
  • Face masks and body temperature detection– Smart devices placed at the entry point of the offices employ facial recognition technology and thermal scanning features to accurately detect employees’ masks and their body temperature. These data are then instantly transferred over to the cloud via the internet    
  • Brilliant space optimization– The in-built floor plans in this solution can be utilized to effectively optimize office spaces and encourage operational efficiency 
  • Real-time reports– Get immediate reports on employee attendance, business resources, and location analytics and stay up-to-date on the organization’s operations with dSense

Enable smart offices and become digitally innovative with dSense. This scalable IoT solution from Pinmicro assists organizations in setting up a secure work environment for the employees returning to offices. The solution is future-ready and helps to drive operational efficiency in workspaces by effectively tracking staff performance and by optimizing business resources.

To discover further possibilities of this leading solution, please visit dSense today.

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