dSense for Corporates

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The real-time location solution, dSense, with its digital twin attributes is all ready to transform the corporate sector. By creating digital twins of business operations and assets using location data, the solution enables organizations to scale their performance by identifying and rectifying bottlenecks. From minimizing resource wastage to scaling employee productivity and business performance, the applications of this IoT-powered solution are many. Read below for more insights.

dSense – Revolutionizing Corporate Activities

#Real-time resource monitoring

By employing the digital twin technology using dSense, organizations get access to the digital footprint of their resources and workflow. This enables them to stay in the loop of everything happening inside their business, including their employee productivity and resource utilization. The RTLS features of the solution allow the organization to view the real-time location of their employees and assets at any point in time and manage them to achieve the highest level of productivity.

#Facilitating data-driven decision making

Get access to flawless data metrics and statistics to employ data-backed decision-making. The location data-powered digital twins facilitate complete transparency of business processes, enabling organizations to gather the right data to scale growth and success.

#Workspace optimization

The in-build floor plans in the solution allow organizations to choose the best design that promotes higher work efficiency. Along with enabling better resource utilization, this feature also makes sure to boost employee productivity.

#Facilitate flawless access control 

dSense allows organizations to promote safety within their premises by clearly defining unauthorized areas. This feature also helps the business to promote confidentiality within the workspaces and even set safety alerts for unauthorized entries.  

#Flawless data reports

With dSense, employers get access to detailed data on the time spent by employees at various points inside the office. This will allow them to analyze employee interests and help them optimize operations to satisfy their employees. 

#Enhanced employee safety

dSense promotes enhanced employee safety in organizations through real-time monitoring of employees and also by generating quick alerts in the event of any emergencies. 

#Higher ROIs

By using AI-powered analytics, organizations can optimize their workflows and quickly identify operational bottlenecks. This, in turn, helps businesses to refine their service offerings and earn higher ROIs.

These were some of the many benefits of employing dSense in corporate organizations. With these added benefits, organizations can achieve the highest performance in the shortest possible time.  

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