How we automated a client’s fleet management capabilities with dSense RTLS

dSense RTLS
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In a nutshell.

  • Real-time location monitoring of client’s cab fleet

  • Generation of real-time over speeding alerts

  • Monitoring of driver behaviour to identify unsafe driving practices

  • Instant notifications of maintenance alerts and running status

  • Report generation of vehicle distance, idle time and fuel consumption metrics

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The client is a Bangalore-based startup which started their operations 3 years ago and they recently started a new cab service exclusively for airport travellers with more than 2000 cabs running across Bangalore and Chennai. They are currently planning to expand their services all over South India.


Though the client was successful in their initial days, after they conducted a growth analyzation study, they realized that they were in need of real-time fleet management solution for their cabs including location tracking, speed control, monitoring driver behaviour, maintenance alerts to stay competitive in the market. In order to address these challenges, they were looking for a reliable real-time location management system.
Solution Requirements

  • A modern web and mobile GPS fleet management system interface

  • Real-time location of cabs

  • Real-time alerts based on vehicle usage parameters like ETA to reach a destination, vehicle performance, fuel usage, safety, and compliance

  • Traffic forecasting to alert users in case of delays

  • Availability of drivers in nearby locations in case of any emergencies

  • Optimized routes to reach destinations faster


dSense – our IoT based location and live analytics solution was deployed to track and monitor the location of their cabs in real-time. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Smart Beacons were installed in every cab to capture their real-time location and these beacons continuously monitored vehicle metrics to identify rash driving. In addition to this, powerful and interactive dSense web and mobile dashboards helped the client management team to monitor cabs, driver locations, analytical reports and time spent by drivers at specific locations.

By implementing dSense, our client was able to obtain all their required metrics and reports quickly from vehicles in real-time with minimal infrastructure and effort, in addition to significantly enhancing their fleet management.
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