Helping a Global Marine Facilities Service Provider to Monitor their Trainees in Real-Time

Real Time Monitoring
In a nutshell.

  • A global provider of marine management solutions (the client) was in need of a cutting-edge tool to track their 50+ trainees in real-time

  • As the client focus on recreating challenging environments (high temperature, humidity, etc) within the premises to facilitate training sessions, the real-time monitoring solution should be able to withstand this complex environment

  • The client collaborated with our team and our RTLS system, assistplus, was deployed in the facility to ensure a flawless workforce tracking system by providing real-time locating and monitoring features

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The client is a global name in the marine service sphere, helping its customers effectively manage and optimize their facilities and vessels. The client’s top-tier management services help their customers, ranging from high-end enterprises to commercial and private vessels, to completely transform their operations. In addition to managerial services, the organization has trained the employees in effective cyber security and data intrusion tracking policies and emergency response protocols. The organization leverages the latest technologies to offer flawless services to manage inventory control, optimize warehouse layouts, and eliminate operational errors.

The client has more than 30 years of experience in executive management, offering multi-level enterprises top-notch asset and logistic management, streamlining supply chains, depot management services, and more. Their services also cover optic cable installations, wireless network installation and management, security cameras and access systems, and yacht management.


Presently, the client is offering emergency response training sessions for their 50+ trainees. They conduct regular training classes by recreating specific emergency environments, allowing the trainees to understand and adopt the best course of action.

The client requires a real-time monitoring system, allowing them to keep tabs on the trainees inside the premises. The infrastructure has four floors and the tracking solution should be able to offer complete coverage and accurate data insights. The solution should ultimately enable the client to monitor the trainees in real-time and ensure their safety by setting up emergency alert systems.

As the client will be using the space to provide emergency response training by setting up complex environments that may involve high temperature or humidity, the monitoring solution should be able to endure these complicated environments.


To facilitate real-time monitoring of trainees within the premises, we collaborated with the client and deployed our RTLS solution, Powered by IoT technology, the solution monitors resources in real-time with flawless data metrics.

For smart monitoring, we gave about 50+ Beacon Cards to the trainees and assigned 108 CloudSense devices for the infrastructure. The CloudSense devices were installed at key points, covering all strategic locations within the four floors. As the trainees wearing Beacon Cards came in close proximity to the smart sensors, the signals were effectively captured and sent to the cloud in no time. The client could access the online dashboard and see the exact location of the trainees at any point in time.

The sturdy build of the solution made it the best choice for the complex environment present inside the building. The integration was completely hassle-free. In addition to providing the real-time location data of the trainees, also enabled safety features inside the premises by offering real-time safety notifications.
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