How dSense helped a Multi Super Speciality Hospital to Completely Optimize its Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking
In a nutshell.

  • A high-end hospital facility (the client) in India was looking for the perfect solution to transform their asset monitoring practices

  • The hospital, being a multi-super specialty, had 200+ assets, which they wished to monitor in real-time

  • The client collaborated with our team and our RTLS system, dSense, was deployed in the facility to ensure a flawless hospital asset tracking system by providing real-time locating and monitoring features

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The client is a prominent figure in the healthcare industry. With over five decades of experience in offering the best services, they have carved a niche for themselves in the healthcare sector. They believe in offering quality healthcare to everyone in the community. Through timely intervention and by providing the best facilities at an affordable cost, the team has saved countless lives.

To keep up with the changing healthcare practices, the client has invested in the latest technologies to hone their service offerings. With a team of smart and experienced physicians, the hospital caters to an impressive 23 specialty departments. To ensure top-end services to people across the globe, the facility is continuously experimenting with the latest technology and services and redefining the healthcare landscape in India.


Being one of the leading healthcare service providers in the country, the client is in the process of expanding its service offerings. As they continue to integrate the latest technology and equipment into their infrastructure, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep account of all the resources. The 23 specialty departments in the facility have their own custom equipment and there are several more allocated in different sections of the infrastructure.

Finding the right equipment at the right time is absolutely critical when it comes to emergency service offerings. The team needs to keep a tab on all the crucial assets to provide unparalleled services to all of their customers. The client required a fail-safe solution to monitor and manage their 200+ assets. They were looking for an easy management solution that could be integrated without disrupting their existing operations.


dSense, our smart IoT-powered RTLS solution was deployed on the hospital premises to ensure efficient asset monitoring and management. The solution with its real-time locating and monitoring features was the ideal solution for the client.

To facilitate the management of their assets, around 200+ Beacon Tags were tagged onto the assets and about 80 CloudSense devices were strategically placed around the hospital premises. When the tagged assets came in close proximity to the smart sensors, their signals were promptly detected and the information was passed to the cloud in real-time. The management could easily access their web/mob console and view the status of their assets with complete transparency.

The integration of RTLS technology with dSense helped the client to keep track of their equipment and other assets and achieve the highest efficiency in their workflow. By accessing the console, the management could easily track the resources and allocate them to the required departments in no time. In addition to efficiency, our Real-Time Location System has also scaled the safety measures by making sure the right equipment is in the right place and they are not taken away from the premises. dSense thus has extensive features to ensure solid asset tracking in the healthcare industry, enabling them to take the next step in innovation.
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