How dSense helped a Philippines Company to Scale its Operational Productivity and Enhance Employee Safety

dSense RTLS
In a nutshell.

  • One of the top digital transformation companies in the Philippines was in need of an advanced solution to transform their business productivity

  • They also wanted to ensure the safety of their employees, who have come back to the office after a long period of remote working

  • dSense, a leading-edge IoT product, was integrated into the office premises to monitor and track employee efficiency and overall business operations

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The client is a leading figure in the digital innovations space in the Philippines. They offer engineered digital services to their customers by integrating user-focused designs and forefront AI, cognitive, and automation services. As a pioneer in robotic automation, they have slowly refined their service offerings through the years. Their future-ready services have transformed the technology landscape and continue to garner praises.

In their four decades of operating, the client has partnered with numerous tech giants around the world. Their expanding team is dispersed globally and focuses on providing unparalleled, human-centric digital services to the customers. They have partnered with customers across a broad spectrum of industries, including, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and Banking and Financial Services.


As the situation surrounding the global pandemic has seen a significant improvement, the client decided to get their employees back to the office. As they return to the ‘new normal’ routines, the client was in dire need of a proper solution to manage and enhance their operations. Since the previous years prompted them to up their game, the client now required a solid process to enhance their business profits.

Having around 2,000+ employees in their office, the client also needed a proper system to assure employee safety amidst the pandemic.

An overview of the requirements:

  • A fail-safe solution to enhance the client’s operational savings

  • Flawless management and tracking of their employees

  • Real-time resource management analytics and reports

  • A solution to enforce employee safety inside the workplace


Our RTLS solution, dSense, was the perfect fit for all the client requirements. dSense allows the client complete transparency on their business operations, including the efficiency of the employees and their business processes, with real-time insights on resource optimization.

To integrate this solution into their operations we first gave out around 2,000+ smart ID cards and additional smart wearables for their employees. Then we installed around 500 CloudSense devices at different focal points inside the company premises. As the employees wearing smart ID cards come in the range of the sensors, the device notes the signal emitting from the ID cards and pass the information to the Cloud. The client can access the web console and view real-time reports on employee location data.

With dSense, the client now has complete insight into the time spent by every employee at different locations inside their office and can oversee their complete activities. The solution offered real-time location information and management of their resources. The in-built floor plans in dSense also prompted efficient office space utilization leading to increased productivity. They also had access to operational reports and analytics.

The smart ID cards enabled zero-contact, automated attendance, and the smart wearables gave instant alerts when the employees came close to each other, prompting social distancing in the workplace. Using dSense, the client can access the heatmaps of the office and avoid any chance of overcrowding inside the premises.

Our location and activity tracking solution has enabled the client to enhance their savings and establish a secure environment for their 2,000+ employees.
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