Enabling one of the Largest Automobile Manufacturers to Optimize their Service Center Workflow

Real Time Monitoring
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In a nutshell.

  • The client was in need of an advanced RTLS solution to monitor the vehicles entering and exiting their service center

  • They wanted to know the exact time a vehicle spends at different service points within the facility

  • The client required real-time data to find out the bottlenecks within their workflow and adopt the best measures to enhance their customer experience

  • Our RTLS platform, assistplus.io, was deployed to ensure real-time monitoring of vehicles and to bring optimization to their operational flow

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With over more than 4 decades of experience, the client is a leading name in the automobile sector. This renowned automobile giant holds around 44.2 percent of the passenger care market share.

In these long years in the business, the client has experimented with numerous technologies to drive innovation in the automobile sector. Their commitment to delivering the best experience to customers has led to some major revolutions in the industry. Formerly owned by the Government of India, the company has witnessed some vital transformations in recent years. To stay a step ahead in the industry and to meet the new generation’s growing demands, the client leverages countless disruptive technologies and combines design with innovation. They were never shy to break the traditional ways of automobile design to fit the new generation’s demands. To ensure a sustainable future for the coming generations, the client has embraced green technology and always uses a customer-centric approach while manufacturing new products.


The client has established service centers at different locations in India. To facilitate workflow optimization in one of its major centers, the client needs a real-time location solution.

The solution should allow the client to monitor all the vehicles entering and leaving the facility in real-time. They should also have access to data that shows the amount of time every vehicle spends at different service points. This will allow them to evaluate the efficiency of their service offerings and find out the bottlenecks within the operations. By looking at the operational setting, the client needs to make vital tweaks to enhance their workflow and speed up their service delivery. This will ultimately reduce customers waiting in lines and enhance their experience.


To help the client track vehicles entering and exiting the facility and to help them optimize their overall operations, we deployed our IoT-powered RTLS solution assitplus.io. To initiate real-time monitoring of vehicles, we added GeoAnchors and Gateway devices at strategic points (at different service stops) inside the space. Geosense devices were given to the client to be placed inside the vehicles entering the facility.

Using UWB technology, the Geosense device inside the vehicle is able to calculate the distance to GeoAnchors (using the triangulation method), and the data is then passed to the Gateway devices and finally to the cloud. This data also offers insights into the exact time any vehicle spends at different points inside the center. The admin team at Maruti can view the information online and devise plans to enhance their workflows, including reducing the average time a customer has to wait to avail of their services.

This location intelligence innovation has helped the client to manage and enhance their service offerings to a great extent, bringing significant savings to the organization.
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