How dSense reshaped an Indian based construction company using our RTLS technology

dSense RTLS
In a nutshell.

  • Site monitoring

  • Real time vehicle management in construction sites

  • Labor hours and location tracking system

  • Tracking of every asset in the work location

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Our client is an Indian based construction company focusing on large scale construction works all over India. They have immense experience and a good track record in handling big construction works. Recently they grabbed the Construction World Award for their contribution to the construction industry and timely completion of projects.


Our client’s primary requirement was to track their equipment and other assets at the construction sites. In addition to this, laborers work 24/7 in different shifts to complete the projects on time and monitoring them posed a hectic task in large construction sites. They were in need of a solution which could provide an effective way to track their equipment, laborer working hours and their location.
Solution Requirements

  • Effective system to track laborer location

  • Real time equipment monitoring system

  • Automated attendance of laborers

  • Real-time reports and analytics


By deploying dSense, our IoT based location and live analytics solution, our client was able track all their laborers and assets in real time. Bluetooth smart beacon cards were installed in all the laborers’ safety caps which automated employees’ attendance, obtaining real-time analytics like time spent in each location.

With this extremely cost-effective and affordable solution, our client have received a great Return of Investment with the lower project costs
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