A Closer Look at Manufacturing Industry 4.0 and How IoT is Transforming its Operations

To keep up with the trending demands, the manufacturing industry, right now, is undergoing a huge transformation. One of the driving forces associated with Industry 4.0, IoT technology, has a huge impact on the manufacturing sector. From optimizing operations to scaling product quality and employee safety, the technology does really transform the traditional industrial spaces […]

The Scope of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

The growing traction of IoT in the healthcare sector has opened possibilities to scale medical service offerings and patient satisfaction rates. By using IoT-powered devices, doctors are able to remotely monitor the patient’s health, thereby ensuring the patient’s safety and offering consistent treatment throughout. This innovative practice has paved the way to improved patient experience […]

The IoT Sector Progression and Rising Security Concerns

The technical sphere is subjected to experiments every passing day. As a result, new technologies are being discovered and the existing ones are refined to perfection.     One of the promising technologies, IoT, is still a long way from achieving its true potential. The primary constraint for IoT progression is the concerns surrounding its security features. […]