The IoT Sector Progression and Rising Security Concerns

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The technical sphere is subjected to experiments every passing day. As a result, new technologies are being discovered and the existing ones are refined to perfection.    

One of the promising technologies, IoT, is still a long way from achieving its true potential. The primary constraint for IoT progression is the concerns surrounding its security features. As the numbers on cyber-attacks on IoT installations scale, we find an increasing list of hesitant users. People fear connecting their priceless data to external cloud solutions, and they worry about internet connectivity, considering it to be never secure.

About a decade ago, experts in the IoT sector had predicted that the industry would witness around 50 billion connected devices by the next ten years. Unfortunately, the reports in 2020 showed only about 9 billion IoT-connected devices. 

To ensure more IoT adoption rates, it is important to tackle this security bottleneck. Read below and see how this can be achieved. 

# Support and Follow the Security Acts and Guidelines

To ensure the security around IoT tech, many forefront organizations have put forward laws that offer severe repercussions for IoT security breaches. 

On March 21st, 2019, the European Union introduced Cybersecurity Act to strengthen the security standards of connected IoT devices. This was later followed by California and Korea implementing measures to protect user privacy, restricting technology misuse. ETSL, a European standards body, introduced several provisions in regards to IoT data and device security.  The good news is, there are several more legislative guidelines in works, to ensure the safety of IoT connections. 

# Ensuring Hardware Security in IoT Devices

For peak IoT security, we need safety on not just software but on hardware solutions too. The popular practice of integrating cryptographic keys and identities into the sensor chips puts the devices at greater risks. The companies should be made aware of the rising security loopholes and should prompt them to take necessary actions. 

One step in solving this security concern is to enable chips in IoT products to have their unforgeable and in-particular identities. Fortunately, there are rising technologies in the landscape that can make this happen.

# Simplifying the IoT Security Management

The security maintenance process usually entails the configuration of devices followed by integrating them into the specific applications on servers. Then, the devices are constantly monitored for defects, with regular firmware updates. Since the security surrounding IoT devices is complicated and the users don’t have the time or the patience to dive into the complicated management factors, steps should be made to automate the process. 

Lately, necessary actions have been in progress to automate different aspects of IoT security management. Let’s hope that all these steps one day lead to the complete, end-to-end safety management of IoT solutions. 

Tips for Ensuring Enterprise IoT Safety

  • Understand the measures the security solution has to take to prevent a breach. Also, have an idea of the degree of protection required in the event of a security breach
  • Efficiently optimize threat detecting features in IoT devices to avoid security loopholes
  • Invest in a robust IoT security tool that offers automatic actions for cyberattacks
  • Have an idea of the cost of the investment that comes with IoT security deployment to its lifetime management
  • Look for a user-friendly security product for quick management
  • Connecting embedded IoT with an all-inclusive connectivity solution will offer the scalability growing enterprises require

By ensuring the above guidelines, the industries can take the IoT technology to new limits. Every progressive technology comes with unique security concerns. By addressing and resolving the confusion around IoT and by taking necessary steps to streamline the security management process, it would be possible to relieve IoT security challenges.

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