How Real-Time Location Solutions Fit into the Post-Pandemic Healthcare Industry

Real-time location solutions (RTLS) in healthcare have the potential to significantly transform the sector. From optimizing operations to initiating real-time resource monitoring, the applications of the RTLS technology for healthcare are many. During the pinnacle of the pandemic, the healthcare industry faced a major setback in resource optimization and streamlining its operations. Still, there were […]

The Future of RTLS Technology in Healthcare

The integration of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology in healthcare facilities has been a trending topic lately. The RTLS technology can help hospitals and clinics keep track of their resources and achieve optimum optimization in their work process. In addition to these, patient tracking using location solutions, especially connected wearables, are being practiced in some […]

Unlock Smart Healthcare Practices with Digital Twin Technology


The digital twin technology has opened up infinite possibilities for the healthcare sector. This disruptive technology is slowly revolutionizing the way the healthcare sector operates by redefining and customizing patient care and services. The technology has unveiled numerous ways the medical services can be perfected to facilitate the best patient care.  As the online data […]

The Scope of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

The growing traction of IoT in the healthcare sector has opened possibilities to scale medical service offerings and patient satisfaction rates. By using IoT-powered devices, doctors are able to remotely monitor the patient’s health, thereby ensuring the patient’s safety and offering consistent treatment throughout. This innovative practice has paved the way to improved patient experience […]

The rise of IoT digital transformation in the healthcare industry

rise of IoT digital transformation

IoT Digital transformation in healthcare has been the building block to a patient-focused approach to healthcare. This has helped healthcare providers streamline operations, understand what the patient requires, build loyalty and trust and offer a better user experience. That being said the concept of  IoT RTLS (real-time location systems) has been making even higher strides […]