Unlock Smart Healthcare Practices with Digital Twin Technology

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The digital twin technology has opened up infinite possibilities for the healthcare sector. This disruptive technology is slowly revolutionizing the way the healthcare sector operates by redefining and customizing patient care and services. The technology has unveiled numerous ways the medical services can be perfected to facilitate the best patient care. 

As the online data suggests, around 66 percent of healthcare admins expect the increasing adoption of the digital twins over the coming years.

From personalized healthcare services to optimized workflows and sustainable equipment, the health sector can achieve absolute perfection with this rising technology. The next phase in healthcare services will be hopefully powered by digital twins. Read the article to see how this technology will be influencing different aspects of the healthcare industry.

#Making flawless clinical decisions

When a patient visits a primary doctor, they are expected to share a set of information concerning their health. When the same patient visits a specialist, they may have to again go through the same set of repetitive questions. A digital twin of the patient, coupled with technologies such as NLP will allow the physicians to centralize this information and clearly get a picture of the patient’s health situation. The digital twins will offer accurate information about a patient’s condition, with respect to their medication and more, and help the doctors arrive at a conclusive decision.

#Scaling efficiency

The practice of creating virtual replicas of hospitals using digital twin tech is in high demand. This practice allows the hospital administration to test and see how some critical changes can influence the overall organizational performance. The technology helps to identify how changes in certain areas, for instance, healthcare strategy or staffing practices, can impact their entire workflow. The integration of digital twin technology has helped the healthcare industry to test and optimize their various processes including their surgical schedules, staff levels, and more. The adoption of digital twins eliminates the need to run a pilot and allows the admin team to adopt the best ideas for their organization. 

#Efficient critical care

The digital twins of healthcare operations facilitate workflow evaluation and optimization through process improvement techniques and system redesigns. The technology helps the team to coordinate the various processes and ensure critical care is offered at the quickest possible time. This system of ideally coordinated processes can help save countless lives.

#Deducing drug risks

The introduction of digital twin technology has helped pharmaceutical researchers to determine the risk factors of various drugs. The digital twins help to establish the safety of individual drugs and their various combinations and boost the efficiency of healthcare services. This process also helps the industry save millions of dollars, which would be otherwise spent on manual testing. 

#Scaling the production launch

Vaccine manufacturing is a fragile and complex process. To ensure the highest quality product, the equipment should be in an optimal condition, all the while ensuring the right processes are in place to avoid any manufacturing errors. The digital twin technology boosts the production process by helping the team unlock these complex steps and through testing and validating the manufacturing gadgets.

#Higher-performing medical devices

Employing predictive maintenance using this innovative technology has drastically enhanced the device uptime and its operational efficiency. Through timely care, it is now possible to extend the life of various medical equipment. Digital twins can also be used to test and design custom medical equipment to best suit individual patient requirements. 

#Optimizing drug dosages

Researchers are working on digital twins to customize the dosage ratio of drugs, especially those used for treating chronic pain. To refine the technology, various factors like the patient’s age and lifestyle are being considered. Also, data collected from patients in connection to different dosage efficiency is used to enhance the process

#Promote efficiency in surgery

The digital twin technology helps surgeons to use simulations to treat critical cases. The digital twins can be used to facilitate less invasive surgeries and ensure the patient’s safety. The data collected from the patient can be used to customize their treatment plans. This type of treatment is one of the innovative ways to treat brain aneurysms. This process also significantly reduces the need for follow-up surgery. 

The revolution of the healthcare industry is around the corner. The adoption of the digital twin technology will help the sector to scale new heights and save millions of lives through quality service offerings.

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