Transforming the Manufacturing Sector Using Digital Twins

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The digital twin technology has enabled the production of virtual copies of enterprise operations, machines and equipment, supply chains, and more. The location data collected from the physical environment through IoT sensors ensure the creation of digital twins, bringing structural and operational insights into products and processes.      

The increasing adoption of IoT and big data by leading enterprises have pushed the progression of digital twin applications. A recent study has revealed that the digital twins are going to be a standard IoT feature by 2025.

The expanding application of the digital twin technology has influenced the manufacturing sphere. Digital twinning has enabled optimization of manufacturing processes and product performance rates. Read ahead for more insights into digital twin use cases in manufacturing.   

Optimizing Manufacturing Process through Digital Twin Technology

  • Optimizing the designing phase– The digital twin technology has introduced innovation to the product designing phase by providing a digital replica of the intended product. The virtual prototype can be subjected to new ideations and changes before finalizing the actual prototype. The use of digital twins reduces the number of iterations in the design process and kick starts the production stage

  • Enhancing the manufacturing process– Creating a digital twin of the manufacturing process helps in analyzing various performance indicators. With digital twins, you get to identify manufacturing bottlenecks, examine other glitches and finally achieve an enhanced manufacturing process

  • Achieving top-tier quality in production– The digital twinning of the manufacturing operations promotes consistent quality across the whole production process. The digital twin technology enables to create digital footprints of every production stage, allowing complete visibility of any production anomalies, even helping to decide the best materials and the process requirements for higher quality products 

  • Improving the supply chain process– Distribution firms employ digital twin technology to analyze and optimize fleet management, route efficiency, packaging execution, and more

  • Enforcing predictive maintenance– Digital twinning in manufacturing facilitates cost savings through effective predictive maintenance. Digital twins of any specific machine or a manufacturing process give insights into operational inefficiencies, indicating the need for maintenance, in real-time. The technology also helps in scaling tool calibration and even production cycle times

  • Better communication and faster decision making–  The real-time operational data from digital twins could be used to facilitate better communication between various departments within manufacturing and achieve faster and more efficient decision making

  • Analyzing and improving end-user experience–  The digital twin technology offers data that brings insights into product performance and customer experiences. The following data can be used to improve or customize the products to scale the customer satisfaction rates

Overall Benefits of Digital Twins in the Manufacturing Sector

  • High equipment reliability and lower production downtimes
  • Overall enhanced productivity in manufacturing 
  • Efficient predictive maintenance leads to significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Faster and more efficient production times facilitates meeting the market requirements
  • Better insights into product performance and the opportunity to offer the highest customer experience
  • Optimization of supply and delivery chains

The digital twinning of the manufacturing industry contributes to higher efficiency and performance. The technology has enabled manufacturing sectors to scale the product quality and meet the market demands. The innovation also guarantees better ROIs and increased customer retention.

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