Post-Pandemic Smart Offices and Automated Attendances

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Post-Pandemic Smart Offices and Automated Attendances

After over a year of remote work, many employees around the world are getting ready to go back to their workspaces. With vaccination rates soaring high in many countries, organizations have decided to welcome their staff back.

Although the thought of going back to the usual routines seems exciting, without proper measures, welcoming employees back to the office poses a huge risk. Employers will have to adopt innovative measures to redefine the space and create a safe and healthy work environment for the returning employees.

One of the drastic changes every organization has to bring forth would be in attendance management. They will have to rethink the existing biometric and physical entry of attendance systems. Initiatives should be made to promote contactless attendance management.

dSense, an IoT-based location intelligence product, will aid the organization in setting up a pandemic-proof workplace. This scalable, RTLS solution can be integrated into the business environment without disrupting its existing operations. In addition to keeping the employees safe, dSense also drives operational savings and resource utilization in the organization. 

The Need for Automated Attendance

Up until now, many organizations practised fingerprint-based biometric systems and manual logging to record employee attendance. Even though this system was effective until the pandemic, we now have to introduce effective practices to minimize contact and avoid virus transmission. 

  • Fingerprint-based attendance management and other alternatives prompt an employee to be in contact with solutions, which they have to share with the rest of the organization
  • This increases the chances of virus transmission and community outspread in case an infected person accesses the system 
  •  Also, sanitizing these systems after every use may not be practical
  • This calls for an automated attendance system to practice safe Covid 19 protocols in the workplace. In addition to offering safe working environments, the automated system is efficient, quick, and error-free 

Contact-free Attendance System with dSense

dSense is a solid location intelligence solution that promotes smart and safe office spaces. dSense hardware includes scalable products which easily conform with RTLS technology to create real-time location data. 

To encourage contactless, automated attendance using dSense, the employees will be given smart ID cards (that emit BLE/UWB signals), which records attendance in real-time without any physical contact.

To get a complete understanding of how this solution works, read the steps below.

  • Employees would be provided with smart ID cards that continuously emit BLE/UWB signals
  • Sensors placed at the entry points identify the signals and transfer the info to dSense cloud
  • The cloud will be updated with the exact location and movement paths of the employees in real-time.
  • The management team can access this data and get up-to-date location information on their employees and promote staff safety

In addition to promoting touchless, automated attendance processes in organizations, dSense can be used to establish other Covid-19 protocols, including, social distancing, body temperature monitoring, crowd control, and more. Visit dSense and learn everything about the advanced use cases of this innovative product today.

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