Driving Digitization Across Businesses using Location-Based Technology

The discovery of many disruptive technologies has been a blessing to numerous enterprises, giving them the opportunity to transition to new phases of innovation. Of these, the location-based technologies had a significant impact on various enterprise operations, including resource management and business expansion. The GPS and IoT-powered solutions have brought a sense of collective collaboration […]

Leveraging Location Intelligence in the Retail Sector

The retail industry has seen exponential growth in recent times. To keep up with their own success, it is time for them to employ innovative strategies at the earliest. Location intelligence (LI) is one of the tried and tested strategies by top retailers to expand their customer base. The rise in mobile devices for shopping […]

The Angle of Arrival and Precise Location Tracking

When it comes to accurate indoor location data, you can rely on the Angle of Arrival (AoA) method using the Bluetooth 5.1 standard. With AoA, the direction of the incoming signal is measured by observing the angular phase shifts between the antennas (of the receiving device) as they receive the RF signals. This data can […]